Chasing Dreams Episodes

Season 1 is in the books and Season 2 is in production. Season 2 is a step up in quality from season 1, so check back often to catch new episodes released online!

Short hunts

Check often for updated short hunts. Short hunts are exactly what they sound to be, just short clips of all types of hunting adventures.

Season 2 Episode 1 - Public Land
Missouri Turkey Hunting
Chasing Dreams Preview
Season 2 Teaser

Episode 5 - Bowfishing on the Arkansas River

2010 BOA Lake Nimrod Bowfishing Tournament
Episode 4 - Arkansas Bowhunting
Episode 3 - Mid October Arkansas Bucks

Episode 2 - Early Season Bowhunting in Arkansas

Episode 1 - Squirrel hunting with bows

Short hunt #1

"Before the Beginning" is a short turkey bow hunt from the 2005 turkey season. Join Evan and Josh at their first attempt at trying to capture hunt on camera. The footage isn't the best, but not bad for their first time.